Peter Navarro will hear lions roar in prison.

Former Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro wants to labor in air conditioning and sleep in a dormitory for “elderly” male offenders at a prison near a zoo for a few months.


Navarro, 74, must report to prison on Tuesday after the Supreme Court denied his last-minute reprieve on Monday afternoon.


He will be the first former White House official imprisoned for contempt of Congress when he reports to a Miami minimum-security federal Bureau of Prisons satellite camp.


According to Sam Mangel, Navarro's jail counselor, the lions may be heard roaring every morning too.


«He’s nervous,» Mangel said CNN of Navarro. “Anybody, regardless of sentence length, is entering an unknown world.”


Mangel is part of a legal cottage industry that prepares wealthy inmates and their families for prison. A Monday call with Navarro was reported.


A jury convicted Navarro guilty of failing to comply to congressional subpoenas for records and testimony in the House's investigation of the January 6, 2021, 


AUS Capitol attack and sentenced him to four months in jail.


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