Picture Puzzle IQ Test: Only A Genius Can Spot The Number 81 among 41 in 8 Sec

Brain teasers are puzzles designed to be interesting and hard. It's a pleasant task that stimulates your mind

Brain teasers might include challenging questions, graphics, word puzzles, and visual puzzles.

. They are typically used for entertainment, to increase cognitive abilities, and to exercise the brain.

In this photo puzzle IQ test, you must identify the number 81 buried amid the numbers 41

It has been claimed that only a genius with keen eyes and good observation abilities can detect it in 8 seconds

You are a genius if you can solve a problem in 8 seconds. If you haven't spotted the number in the image above, don't worry

 Look at the highlighted spot to identify the number 81 among the 41 in this solution image.

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