Pill-Based Diet and Exercise: How Mimictics Work

Couch-potato lab mice may say they're excited about exercise and calorie-restriction (CR) mimetics if they could talk.

Recent US research shows that mice can eat, fatten up, and exercise only when they want and still shed body fat

improve blood lipids, increase muscle power, avoid blood sugar issues, and raise heart function.

How did these mice get lucky? Mimetics, experimental medications that "mimic" activity and calorie

reduction without exercise or dieting, were administered to them.

"The mice looked like they'd done endurance training," said Thomas Burris, PhD, a University of Florida pharmacodynamics


 professor and coauthor of a September 2023 Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics research on SLU-PP-332, an exercise mimic.


CR mimetic mannoheptulose (MH) "was incredibly effective at stopping the negative effects of a high-fat diet in mice," said Donald K. Ingram, PhD, an adjunct professor.


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