Preliminary Clinical Trial Results Show ‘Dramatic and Rapid’ Glioblastoma Regression with Next-Generation CAR-T Therapy

First-time recipients of a collaborative study to offer cell therapy to fatal brain cancer patients showed tremendous results. The Mass General Cancer Center

part of Mass General Brigham, published the first three patient cases from a phase 1 clinical trial evaluating a new CAR-T therapy for glioblastoma

 in The New England Journal of Medicine today. INCIPIENT tests CARv3-TEAM-E T cells in recurrent GBM patients for safety

 Patients saw remarkable tumor decreases days after a single therapy, with one patient having near-complete tumor remission

 The researchers noticed tumor development in these patients, but given the strategy's encouraging preliminary findings, they will seek ways to extend response.

Years of collaboration and invention in Marcela Maus' lab led to the novel method. Maus is director of the Mass General Cancer Center's Cellular Immunotherapy


O'Keeffe chair in oncology, and Krantz Family Center for Cancer Research faculty


A team of scientists and experts at Maus' lab is quickly bringing next-generation genetically engineered T cells from the bench to cancer patients' clinical trials.


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