Pro-Trump attorney detained following Dominion email leak trial.

In court Monday, a pro-Trump lawyer who sued to invalidate the 2020 election was arrested for leaking Dominion Voting Systems internal emails.


Stefanie Lambert, the attorney, has an arrest warrant for failing to appear at recent court sessions in her Michigan criminal case for conspiring to take voting machines after the 2020 election.


Lambert and other election skeptics have leaked thousands of Dominion's internal emails in recent days, reviving voter fraud charges.


Lambert gave the sensitive Dominion records to Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf, who has promoted 2020 election conspiracy theories and investigated perceived voter fraud against Donald Trump. 


 Leaf has shared over 2,000 internal Dominion documents on social media in 24 hours.


Lambert represented former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, who is being sued by the voting business for defamation for his 2020 election claims. 


She had access to the Dominion data. According to Dominion's lawyers, they have turned over over a million papers as "discovery" for the case.


Lambert attended Byrne's defamation hearing in Washington, DC, on Monday but never left, prompting inquiries from other attorneys regarding her arrest.


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