Putin warns the West that Russia-NATO conflict is one step from World War Three.

Russian President Vladimir Putin cautioned the West on Monday that a direct fight between Russia and NATO would bring the world one step closer to World War Three, but he said few desired it.


Moscow's ties with the West have been at their lowest since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis due to the Ukraine war. 


Putin has often warned of nuclear war but denies using nuclear weapons in Ukraine.


Last month, French President Emmanuel Macron stated he could not rule out the deployment of foot soldiers in Ukraine.


Many Western countries opposed this, while eastern Europe supported it.


Putin replied to Reuters that "everything is possible in the modern world." about Macron's words and Russia-NATO conflict.


"Everyone knows this is one step away from World War Three. "I think few care about this," Putin told reporters after winning the largest post-Soviet Russian landslide.


Putin stated that NATO troops were already in Ukraine and that Russia has heard English and French on the battlefield.


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