Registered Dietitians Share Their Top 10 Weight Loss Tips After 60

If that sounds familiar, it's typical. "Studies show that women gain on average 1.5 pounds per year after 50

 says Cleveland Clinic Center for Human Nutrition's Julia Zumpano RDN, LD

 Zumpano also cites a 2022 survey of 13,800 adults that found the scale number increased 6.6% over 10 years. After 60, you may be asking how to lose weight.

What constitutes "healthy weight" for persons over 60 is unclear. BMI is used by doctors to classify overweight as 25.0 to 29.9 and obese as 30.0 or higher.

 BMI is controversial due to race and gender disparities in body composition.

Weight shouldn't define a person's identity. However, specialists say it is a sign of overall health and should be monitored, especially as you age.


In addition to health concerns, weight gain can negatively impact your quality of life, especially with age


causing mobility issues and depression as people struggle with the health challenges of a high BMI and insufficient physical activity,


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