Nostalgic Foods & Drinks Parents Rarely Give To Their Kids

the times when you would drink a SunnyD after school, eat a Twinkie for lunch, and have a nighttime snack of Easy Cheese on a cracker  

Thousands of people responded to our Facebook post asking what they remembered eating and drinking as children that they don't typically provide to their children today.  

We couldn't help but wonder how modern dietitians feel about these comforting meals and beverages   


"Those to restrain and to balance. While I'm not suggesting they're off bounds entirely, think of them as occasional treats."


Naturally, she argues, our diets should be rich in nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and low-fat dairy.   

 we may teach our children that consuming other meals and beverages (like some of our favorite childhood favorites) is okay in moderation as long as we're eating nutrient-dense foods as our foundation.  

"Cereal with spoonfuls of sugar added to it. Grapefruit with sugar. Strawberries dipped in sugar." – Natalie Berg "Peanut butter and sugar sandwich."


the most well-liked foods and beverages from childhood  

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