Republican Senate primary in Ohio goes to Trump supporter Bernie Moreno

News projects that businessman Bernie Moreno, who is supported by Donald Trump, will win the Ohio Republican Senate primary, setting up a pivotal November election against incumbent Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown.

"As a unified party, we must now recognize that our sole objective is to remove Sherrod Brown," Moreno said in a victory speech delivered Tuesday night in a Cleveland suburb.

State Senator Matt Dolan, who early last week secured the support of Ohio's popular Republican governor Mike DeWine, was Moreno's principal opponent.

Equally nominated was Secretary of State Frank LaRose, who secured a stable third position despite being outfunded by his affluent rivals. 

Ahead of this election year, Moreno's victory conveys an early message: Trump's MAGA seal of approval might have more influence in 2024 than it did a number of years prior.

"I don my garments with honor. "I proudly display the endorsement of President Trump, not just any other president," Moreno stated.

Trump was defeated by Joe Biden for the presidency in 2020, and the Republican Party lost both chambers of Congress.

Several candidates endorsed by Trump performed poorly in crucial elections in 2022, whereas the Republicans narrowly retook control of the House. 

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