Review of The Who Live: Townshend and Daltrey are unstoppable, even though they act very timidly for the band.

Daltrey turned 80 two weeks ago, and Townshend will follow in May.

Since 1965, when band founder Daltrey lost his rag with drummer Keith Moon, who could try a saint's patience, and punches flew, The Who have been close to smacking it on the head. 

Time will do what the band's combustible chemistry couldn't despite multiple near misses.

Tonight, the mainspring seemed to be winding down.

We're here tonight because Daltrey is retiring from curating events for the Teenage Cancer Trust, which The Who have supported for nearly 20 years.

Whatever one thinks of the event tonight, the fact that it happened and raises so much money and awareness validates it all.

A 30-piece orchestra precedes the band, which strolls onto the stage.

I Can't Explain had the joint jumping almost 50 years ago to the month on which your MOJO correspondent watched The Who perform to 80,000 people at Charlton Football Ground.

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