Richard Simmons, 75, reveals he has skin cancer days after posting about dying.

Richard Simmons has opened up about his cancer diagnosis.

In an emotional Facebook post on Tuesday, the 75-year-old fitness hero revealed the moment he discovered he had skin cancer. 

Simmons originally stated that he observed "this strange looking bump under my right eye" that did not go away, causing him to contact his dermatologist.

"I sat in his chair, and he examined it via a magnifying mirror. "He told me he would have to scrap it and examine it under a microscope," the fitness expert wrote.

"Now I'm becoming a little nervous. He returns around 20 minutes later and uses the C word. "You've got cancer." 

Simmons stated that he was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma and recommended to consult a "cancer doctor" as soon as possible. "I told him to stop calling me dirty names," Simmons quipped.

Simmons stated that after receiving his diagnosis, he proceeded to see Dr. Ralph A. Massey, where he met other skin cancer sufferers in the waiting area.

"I was startled to see how many skin tumors they had. "Some had cancer on top of their heads, face, and neck," he stated.

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