Richard Simmons Discusses Dying, Was 'Healthy and Happy,' Longtime Friend Says

Richard Simmons advises fans to “enjoy your life to the fullest” upon dying. 


The 75-year-old posted a lengthy Facebook post on Monday offering nutrition and exercise advice.


Let me share some news. Please don't cry. I am dying. I can see your faces now. Actually, we're all dying.  Every day we live brings death closer, he wrote. 


 “Why am I telling you?  Because I want you to live fully every day. Start your day by observing the sky. Be grateful and enjoy.” 


Schneider responds to Quiet on Set claims in statements. Since the abuse allegations, the former Nickelodeon producer has made few appearances but denied wrongdoing.


Deadline reported in 2018 that Schneider had been accused of on-set abuse by personnel, according People Magazine. 


 The report stated that Schneider was “under a cloud of suspicion over the treatment of some younger stars of his shows.” He posted foot photos of young girls he worked with.


The Los Angeles Times stated that a Viacom CBS investigation of Dan Schneider's sexual misconduct charges was unconvincing. However, the probe claimed he verbally abused staff. Schneider has been accused of workplace misconduct by several Nickelodeon stars.


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