Rihanna Dropped a Major Bombshell About Her Super Bowl Pregnancy 

In a recent Access Hollywood interview, the singing sensation and mother of two clarified that her pregnancy reveal during a performance wasn't planned, dispelling any conspiracy theories. 

Contrary to speculation, she explained that the unplanned reveal happened because her outfit didn't fit properly, and she simply went with it. 

The superstar shared that her wardrobe mishap led to the impromptu announcement, as her jumper couldn't zip up due to her pregnancy. 

She humorously recounted how her stylist was instructed to choose stretchy clothing, which ultimately led to the unexpected reveal on stage. 

Despite not intending to announce her pregnancy during her performance, she embraced the moment and expressed gratitude for her stretchy attire. 

Before formally confirming her pregnancy after the show, she playfully hinted at it by rubbing her belly and leaving her jacket open. 

The singer's impromptu announcement sparked speculation at the start of her performance, but she officially confirmed the news post-show. 

She revealed that her outfit's inability to zip up prompted her to share the news, turning what could have been a wardrobe malfunction into a memorable moment. 

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