In America, one thing you can always count on when you sit down at a Mexican restaurant:

 A few cups of salsa and a complimentary basket of tortilla chips.

 If you go out for Mexican food in Virginia, you'll find a strange accompaniment to your tortilla chips

 a cup of white sauce. Typically, you'll get a cup of pico de gallo or salsa verde.

 Though it's white, white sauce has nothing in common with regular salsa, nor does it have any cheese in it. It's a unique kind of salsa.

if you dine at a Mexican restaurant in Virginia, you might be surprised to see a cup of white sauce alongside your tortilla chips.

Despite being white, white sauce has little resemblance to regular salsa and does not contain any cheese.

 It's a salsa distinct from others.

However, one thing is certain: White sauce is authentically Virginian and not truly Mexican.

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