Save these gorgeous nail designs for your next manicure.  

Cool, curated, and distinctive manicure designs are another way to elevate your beauty game.   

Freshly painted nails can not only make you feel more put together right away, but they can also last for days or weeks without needing to be touched up again.   

That is why putting in the time to pick a design you truly enjoy is worthwhile.  


manicure art has clearly experienced a luxurious makeover in recent years, with sleek, chic, minimalist manicure designs gaining popularity among people looking for something a little more fascinating than plain polish.   


However, talented nail artists are also using their skills to their full potential, creating manicures that resemble works of art.  

Techniques and technology have enabled us to significantly improve our game.  

"Nail technology has evolved so much over the years - I've seen huge changes in products throughout my career,"  


Michelle Humphrey to GLAMOUR. "With products that sculpt and build like jelly or putty, nail artists can now produce incredible sculptured nails with much greater ease.   


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