Season 7, Part 2 of "Outlander" Has an Airdate, and We Can't Wait!

Jamie and Claire Fraser have been sailing to Scotland for so long that we wondered if they'd ever leave the boat. The Outlander fanbase has been patiently (kind of) waiting for an airdate for the second half of season 7, and to say the Droughtlander has been lengthy is an understatement.

 However, we now know that Jamie, Claire, Brianna, Roger, Ian, and the rest of the cast will return to Starz with new episodes beginning in November.

Although that is 8 months away, Marsali Fraser has ample time to gestate another kid, as she does twice a season. The cast of Caitríona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton, Rik Rankin, John Bell, Caitlin O'Ryan, Paul Gorman, Adso, and Rollo will return for 8 new episodes.

The cast is set to begin filming Season 8 this month, which will include another ten episodes. There are 18 episodes of Outlander left in the future. Enjoy it.

The early half of Season 7 left several of the characters at a crossroads (or across seas). For the first time, Jamie and Claire appear to be happily returning to Scotland on a ship, with the prospect of war behind them.

It was literally smooth sailing for them. Okay, not Jamie; he was seasick the entire way to Scotland. But could they finally put their horrific drama behind them?

A Jamie and Claire drama-free show? Nah. That won't last long, but those blue-eyed newborns were joyful in the first half finale, so we'll hold on to that. 

And Young Ian is set to see his parents, Jenny and Ian Murray, for the first time since he had his new haircut, which left him with no hair. Will they like Young Ian's glow-up as much as we do? Time will tell.

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