See The Full ‘Worm Moon Eclipse’ Set Up Total Eclipse Of The Sun: The Night Sky This Week

I select North America's celestial highlights for the week on Mondays (which also apply to mid-northern latitudes in the northern hemisphere)...

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With the spring equinox this week, stargazers may see the same length of day and night worldwide. 

Stargazing will require staying up later from Tuesday as the nights shorten.

 Another effect of the vernal equinox is statistically more frequent and intense auroras due to Earth's side-on-to-the-sun position.

The finest view of the moon for North America is in the east on Sunday evening, when Mercury will be at its highest point of the year in the west.

The moon will next obscure the sun on Monday, April 8, giving North America a total solar eclipse.

After nightfall, Castor and Pollux, two bright Gemini stars, appear near a 68%-lit waxing gibbous moon in the east.

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