Selena Gomez recalls dressing up like her boyfriend on set

Recently, Selena Gomez took to Instagram Stories to reminisce about the moment when she was forced to dress in a manner that resembled that of her boyfriend Benny Blanco while she was working on the set of Love On.

In the picture that she shared, the former Disney star was seen striking a pose in the mirror while wearing loungewear with a black and tangerine combination of prints.

The long black coat that the American singer and songwriter wore was the finishing touch, and she kept her hairstyle simple by wearing it in a usual style.

Using the caption "The day they dressed me like my boyfriend on set," Selena described the moment in the photo.

In the meantime, the singer could be seen to be sulking in front of the camera in the previous photo that she uploaded to her Instagram Story. This provided a glimpse into her personality.

In the same picture, the diva was shown alongside other people who were working on the set, and the caption for the picture said, "What is my life??? Hehe, "

In terms of her working life, Selena is going to make a comeback performance on the Wizards of Waverly Place sequel series, in which she will play the character of Alex Russo once again.

In addition, the latter will act as an executive producer for the show that brought her to prominence when it was initially shown at the beginning of 2007. her 'life' while working on set

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