Simple and Creative Nail Art Design Ideas  

Imagine a dazzling splash of colour and bling on your nails as you wrap them around your favourite cocktail.  

Who can resist the appeal of neatly manicured nails that match your outfit? Actually, no one.   

From microscopic decals to OTT dazzling studs, find gorgeous nail art design inspiration to make your claws look anything but basic.  


There's no denying that red can be both stunningly beautiful and furious. Red nail art may easily transition from the workplace to an evening date.   


That explains why it remains the most preferred hue option to date.  

To increase the oomph factor, use small crystals.The best thing about blue, especially in lighter tones, is that it looks good on almost every skin tone.  

To add interest, build a golden arc with scotch tape and place a burst of plain white at the base.  


Surely adds an unexpected glittering accent to your nail art  


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