This frosting, which is made with chocolate pastry cream, is a sophisticated version of classic buttercream,  

I promise you that there is no icing like it.  

lovers of chocolate, a Nutella cupcake.  

Baking Biscoff cupcakes with Biscoff buttercream is really simple; even inexperienced cooks can master this recipe.  

The baking soda in the dough gives it an incredible texture, making it the ideal treat for spring!  

A cupcake with smooth whipped mascarpone icing!   

The tastes are further enhanced by the brown sugar cupcake base.  

Lightly flavored with rosewater, fluffy, soft, and incredibly adorable, with a cream cheese icing. You will want to consume the entire amount.  

aromatic, and fragrant cinnamon cupcakes topped with a tangy, deliciously warm cinnamon cream cheese frosting.  

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