Simple nail designs for minimalist manicure lovers.  

Nail art can sometimes get extremely intricate. And, while we adore a good French manicure, it's not the only basic nail idea out there.  

If you're a beginner, consider press-ons for a quick and easy look, but if you're working  

St. Patrick's Day dessert, but the finest part of the day is sinHere are 25 basic nail designs we love for 2023, whether you want to DIY them or bring them into your business.  king into a plate piled high with Irish cuisine.   


Even on otherwise nude nails, the small design pops. For a more unusual look, try using black polish, as shown here.  


You can create a two-tone look with any two colours, but we love this muted variation from NYC nail shop Sundays.  

It appears fancy, but this coloured effect is deceptively simple: Dip your nail in a tiny dish of water containing a few droplets of polish, then wipe your cuticles with polish remover.   

Florals can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Consider this pattern, which was constructed with basic dots.  


Swirls of highlighter-yellow polish appear even more brilliant against a neutral background.  


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