Simple ways to transform a modest lawn into an ideal party location  

With the leaves of your banana tree framed against a blue sky, filled wine glasses on your table, and a butterfly flitting about and completing the scene  

Enjoying a great urban garden is one of the wonderful pleasures that come with the warmer months of the year, but we rarely discuss how much labour  

oasis require to look their best, such as trimming, spraying, and introducing new plants as needed.  


The most important goal is to devise a strategy for preventing your tiny garden maintenance from becoming an overwhelming obligation.   


If you're planning to redo your terrace or garden this year, these recommendations will come in handy.  

Taking care of your plants and keeping your yard neat should be a soothing pastime that helps you bond with nature.   

When you uncover dirty pots, yellowed stems, and piles of leaves and other garbage in the corners of your balcony, the charm may begin to fade.  


Eliminating visual noise is the first step towards creating a harmonious environment.   


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