Slow-roasted Salmon with Citrus-Olive Relish.  

With its vibrant, saline citrus-olive relish that showcases the fermented depth and supple texture of preserved lemons  

he low roasting temperature ensures that the salmon is juicy and precisely cooked every time.   

This recipe is from Ann Taylor Pittman and Scott Mowbray's The Global Pantry Cookbook.  

Reserved lemons are salty, fermented lemons used in Moroccan, North African, and Middle Eastern dishes.  

Both the peel and flesh are edible and can be utilised in a variety of cuisines. Preserved lemons are best made at home, but jars   

Food stores and, of course, Middle Eastern and North African food markets.   

or the most consistent cooking, choose salmon fillets that are the same size and thickness; if available, ask your fishmonger for center-cut fillets.   

Allowing the salmon to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes before roasting helps it cook more evenly.   

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