Social Media Influencer Elena Larrea Dead at 30

Elena Larrea, a social media figure and animal rights activist, died tragically from complications after a plastic surgery treatment. She was thirty years old.  

The terrible news was confirmed in a social media message by her company, Cuacolandia, a sanctuary in Puebla, Mexico that saves horses, donkeys, and other animals from violent conditions.

On Wednesday, March 20, members of the group flocked to Instagram to honor the celebrity and share information about her tragic death.

The sanctuary's announcement, made with "deep sorrow," revealed she died on Tuesday, March 19,

of a pulmonary embolism that produced a blood clot during a medical surgery.

According to The Mirror, the influencer was having liposuction surgery when things went horribly wrong. 

"We will remember and continue to work for all that he bravely pushed from this foundation," according to a Cuacolandia statement.

"We will promote their legacy and love so that our cuckoos, donkeys and mules live in freedom and in appropriate conditions in Mexico and in this, our sanctuary of equines rescued from abuse and abandonment." 

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