Some Fitbit customers could be unhappy about the new feature.

Your Fitbit currently records everything, including your sleep habits and steps, providing users with an abundance of useful data about their whole waking life. 

But Google (GOOG) has determined that users require more. 

Google announced that artificial intelligence will be a new feature available in future Fitbit models during the live-streamed event The Check Up.

Fitbit and Google announced that they are working together to develop a Personal Health Large Language Model (LLM) that will assist users in better understanding the vast amount of data that Fitbit collects.

 Utilizing Google's AI model Gemini, it will be trained with "anonymous data from real, human case studies gathered from accredited coaches and wellness experts."

Google provided an example of how the model may be used to analyze the relationship between exercise and sleep quality, or vice versa. 

Later this year, a select group of premium Android customers will be able to purchase the model through Fitbit Labs, according to Google.

When will technology become widely available? 

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