SpaceX's Starship may fly again in early May.

We may soon witness the world's most powerful rocket launch again.


The 400-foot (122-meter) Starship made its third test flight from SpaceX's Starbase launch pad in South Texas on Thursday (March 14).


 Starship reached several goals on that mission, however both stages broke apart while falling through Earth's atmosphere.


SpaceX is still evaluating flight data. Results will guide Starship's fourth flight, which may be imminent.


"We'll figure out what happened on both stages" during descent "and get back to flight, hopefully in about six weeks," SpaceX President and COO Gwynne Shotwell said at Satellite 2024 in Washington on Tuesday. 


This timeframe would put liftoff "at the beginning part of May," she said. SpaceX must still obtain a launch authorization from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, 


 which is investigating the March 14 flight, in addition to technical preparedness.


The ascent phase for Starship's massive Super Heavy booster and 165-foot (50 m) Ship upper-stage was "beautiful," she said.


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