I adore the vibrant hues in this dish for roasted beet salad.

The vivid greenery, the golden and crimson beets, the soft pink shallot, and the white cheese specks  

I love to serve bright salads like this one at dinner parties or special occasions.  

It looks so beautiful and gives much-needed freshness to a spread of, say, mashed potatoes and stuffing  


yet it's really easy to create. Even a day or two ahead of time, you may prepare the ingredients.  


If you can, use a variety of colors; but, if all you have are red beets, don't worry. The salad will still taste fantastic and look gorgeous.  

if the tops of the beets are still attached, save them! Save them instead for this delicious meal of sautéed beet greens  

The granny smith apple provides crisp and a flavorful tartness. Here, too, a ripe pear would be ideal.  


I like to use spring mix or arugula.  

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