Squash Fondue Is the Perfect Party Food  

"There is almost nothing better than hot cheese," says 2023 F&W Best New Chef Amanda Shulman, chef-owner of Her Place in Philadelphia  

"My fiancé and I were brainstorming menu ideas for a late-fall pop-up before   

Her Place opened, and we came up with a seasonal twist on the classic raclette set of melted cheese served with crudités for dipping."  

We opted to serve it in acorn squash, which made ideal (and tasty!) vessels.  

Shulman's method involves baking hollowed-out acorn squash till soft and then filling them with melted cheese  

Kirsch, a colourless cherry brandy, balances the fondue's richness  

"A splash of kirsch in the fondue takes a simple Gruyère to the next level," Shulman said.   

"This is sure to delight your table, your friends, and most of all your soul."   

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