Start Your Day with 10 Smoothies

Smoothies are a bright and easy way to start the day, but some contain sugar and fat. Focus on fruits and vegetables for a nutritious dinner or snack.

Every effective smoothie contains frozen fruit and vegetables plus a liquid like juice, milk, or juice. Some ingredients include yogurt, nut butter, nuts, spices, herbs, and more. Many smoothies contain ice cubes for coldness. 

This raw, vegan, low-calorie superfood smoothie is tasty and nutritious. Start your day with antioxidant-rich blueberries and iron-rich spinach. This drink doesn't have sweeteners, but you can add honey or fruit juice. A very ripe banana naturally sweetens.


Blueberry and Spinach Superfood Green Smoothie 

A strawberry smoothie tastes great with frozen berries. Blended with two fruit juices and yogurt, this easy recipe will please kids and adults. Instead of vanilla, use plain yogurt to reduce sugar.


Strawberry Smoothie 

This chocolate, peanut butter, and banana smoothie is velvety and protein-packed, almost milkshake-like. Additionally, it is vegan. Almond milk and peanut butter (soy or cashew if available) make a fantastic post-workout breakfast.


Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie 

Avocado gives smoothies a wonderful creaminess without dairy. Orange juice sweetens this avocado-mango smoothie, which is high in healthful fat. A scoop of ice in the blender will make your smoothie colder.


Avocado Mango Smoothie Recipe 

Try this vegetable smoothie if you like bloody Marys or vegetable juice. A vitamin-packed breakfast includes tomato juice, carrot juice, fresh celery, spinach, and cucumber. If you want spice, use hot sauce.


Low-Calorie Vegetable Smoothie 

This smoothie has three ingredients and is sweet enough and berry-flavored. Non-dairy yogurt or silken tofu can replace yogurt for vegans. Fresh or frozen berries work, however you may need to add ice.


Mixed Berry Smoothie 

Natural sweetness from dates gives smoothies the flavor you want without raising sugar levels. A healthful, dessert-like drink is made with frozen banana, Greek yogurt, fresh ginger, and cardamom. Soak hard dates in warm water before using.


Banana Date Smoothie with Ginger and Cardamom 

For a healthier twist, this green pear smoothie includes kale. Honey and banana offer sweetness, while cinnamon and ginger bring spiciness.


Green Pear Smoothie 

Bright green matcha powdered tea has antioxidants and caffeine to wake you up. It makes a great smoothie with sweet banana. Try non-dairy milk and ice cubes if your banana isn't frozen.


Matcha Green Tea Smoothie 

It's amazing how great a few simple ingredients can taste. This smoothie is made with fresh watermelon, milk, vanilla yogurt, and a drop of maple syrup. The watermelon chunks are frozen first to make this fruit smoothie smooth and refreshing—perfect for summer. 


Watermelon Smoothie 

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