America provides incredible food-fueled experiences at every turn, whether your preference is to gorge on BBQ in a hidden spot,   

sip your way through superb wine regions, or take a bite out of history at a centuries-old bolthole.  

One of only two UNESCO Cities of Gastronomy in the United States is Tucson, a desert city (the other being San Antonio, Texas), and one of its best offers is Mexican food.  

Since cheese dip is thought to have originated in Arkansas, no state does it quite like that, and fortunately, a trail connects there.  

Barrio Logan in San Diego is the best spot to experience Mexican-American culture.  

Koreatown in Los Angeles is a three square mile area densely populated with late-night eateries and nightclubs.  

The Bay Area is well-known for its tomato-based seafood stew, or cioppino, which is loaded with fish and shellfish like halibut and flavored with chili peppers.   

In terms of wine, the Golden State is the leader, with Napa Valley being the most well-known area.  

Legendary on Miami Beach is Joe's Stone Crab. The history of the restaurant began in 1913 when Joe Weiss, the proprietor, built a lunch counter. After more than a century has passed,   

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