Sweet-Tart Apricot Recipes: From Fruit Butter to Cocktails.  

Apricots are a sweet, tart, and acidic stone fruit that may be used in a variety of recipes, including fruit butter and ketchup, as well as sweets and pastries.  

Apricots, both fresh and dried, can be used in glazes, pan sauces, and roasts for chicken, duck, lamb, and turkey main dishes  

Apricots can be pickled to serve with pork rillettes, roasted and pureed for a cocktail or shaved ice, or cooked and pureed to make pâte de fruit.  

Browse through these colourful apricot recipes to make the most of fresh apricots from the farmers market or a bag of dried apricots from the supermarket.  

Savoury lamb, salty olives, and toasty ras el hanout spices are balanced with sweet butternut squash  

These lacy biscuits are studded with tangy dried apricot, salty-sweet bits of toffee, and sweet milk chocolate for the ideal combination of flavours and textures.  

Sarah Copeland, a writer and recipe developer, describes lekvár as a combination between preserves and fruit butter, spreadable with soft bits of fruit throughout.   

She serves it with palacsinta (Hungarian pancakes) and adds the sweet and tangy apricot butter is frequently presented as a gift to close friends and neighbours.  

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