Swift adores emulating her own lyrics

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor's Version) premiered on Disney+ on March 14, allowing fans to watch from home. 

The concert film, about a woman trying to control her bangs for three and a half hours, features a swan dive into the stage,

bicycles, golf clubs, and nine eras of choreography created by Mandy Moore, who wasn't in A Walk to Remember.

 On top of Swift's witchy (“willow”) and sensual (“Vigilante Shit”) new moves, fans still demand her wrist work.

Swift's tendency to imitate her words while singing is another highlight of this new live clip. 

 Swift usually points to the audience when she sings “you.” She taps her invisible wristwatch whenever time is mentioned. 

 Taylor Swift always wins at concerts, which are gigantic charades games. 

She does this so much that you could probably understand her singing if you watched the concert on mute (which isn't recommended).

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