Taylor Sheridan does anything he wants: "I will tell my stories my way"

There's a lot of disagreement about one hitmaker who pioneered his own type of neo-Western narrative and whose episodes are so popular that they're supporting an entire streaming business.

Over the course of a few hours, Sheridan shares his perspective on these stories for the first time, as well as unmatched insight into his writing and production process.

Sheridan takes his seat in a button-down shirt, tough jacket, pants, and boots, complete with spurs (he was riding earlier). The 53-year-old is a fearsome wall of blue denim, and his eyes are blue as well.

Elizabeth Olsen, whom he directed in Wind River, once warmly described him as "a cowboy who's like a combination of your dad and the Marlboro Man."

We're seated behind one of his houses on the sprawling Four Sixes estate. The property is located in the desolate Texas panhandle, several hours away from the nearest major city.

(The Montana ranch in Yellowstone is imaginary, but the Four Sixes, or 6666, which also appears in the series, is genuine.) Sheridan completed his purchase last year, and it encompasses an astounding 270,000 acres—nearly the size of Los Angeles. 

From his veranda, a dreamlike landscape of unspoiled countryside stretches to the horizon, surrounded by cotton ball clouds. There is a nice breeze, and every now and then, a Texas Longhorn steer trots by.

"They're scared," says Taylor Sheridan, amused as he steps onto his porch and away from a group of publicists clustered inside his home. "They're scared of what I might say."

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