Ten Intriguing Logic Exercises, Brain Teasers, and Optical Illusions

Start with this simple one. The matchstick calculation above doesn't add up. Can you fix the equation with one matchstick? There are multiple answers. 


1. Move just one matchstick

The basement has three switches. A wicked house planner made these switches turn on three attic light bulbs. The lights are hidden when using the switches. Each switch controls one of the three attic light bulbs. Turn the switches on and off and place them however you want. How would you tell which switch controls which lamp after one upstairs visit?


2. Three light bulbs and three switche

We have translated this brainteaser into contemporary English from Henry Ernest Duduney's 1907 book "Canterbury Puzzles."


3. The three teacups conundrum

Some arithmetic questions split the internet, while others are unsolvable or seem impossible but aren't. This illustrates the latter.


4. A confusing math question

A question that is clear-cut and simple, and a response that is also clear-cut and simple.


5. Which line is longer? 

Young Albert Einstein developed this enigma and anticipated that just 2% of people will solve it. The head-scratcher is entertaining even though he may not have written it. Five houses are painted different colors. Nationalities are represented in each home. All five owners drink, smoke, and own a certain beverage, cigar, and pet. None of the owners share a pet, cigar brand, or beverage.


6. Einstein’s riddle

His building has a tenth-floor resident. For work, he takes the elevator to the bottom floor every day. After work in the afternoon, he takes the elevator to the seventh floor and walks up the stairs to his tenth-story flat. He hates walking. He does this why?


 7. A man in an elevator

Move two matches in the sequel to the moving matches brain teaser.


8. Moving matches #2

Aliens take you to Mars. You got a spacesuit. What do you prefer, an extraterrestrial asks?


9. Life on Mars

A youngster playing with a book tore off pages 7, 8, 100, 101, 222, and 223. He tore how many sheets?


10. A boy was playing with a book

Researchers may have caught 7 strange ‘ghost particles’ as they entered Earth. 

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