Few activities are more enjoyable in the winter than cuddling up with a nice book and a hot beverage.   

Choose a beverage that goes with the tone or tempo of the book you're reading.  

While some employees might counter that Diet Coke works well with any book, there are many of delicious seasonal drinks available in the fall   

Taste a peppermint mocha that is rich, energizing, and satisfyingly twisted.  

Fear not, lovers of iced coffee year-round; your beloved caffeinated beverage pairs wonderfully with an animated comic book.  

This book is a masterwork of narrative pacing, which is why it reminds me of black coffee. The main character, professional tennis player Carrie Soto, is obsessed with the ideas of greatness, legacy, and physical immortality.   

When a younger player exceeds her in the all-time titles won record, she is motivated to come out of retirement and recapture her record.  

Soto is a more complicated and nuanced person than first appears, and this is no ordinary sports book  

It makes realistic and idealistic use of themes of legacy, happiness, and yearning.  

Though it tackles some weighty subjects, Barbara Kingsolver's debut book is amiable, hopeful, and full of love.  

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