The #1 Whole Grain to Help You Poop, Recommended by Dietitian

Constipation makes you scroll your phone on the toilet—you're not alone. If you have trouble going #2, you may feel like a minority because feces talk is forbidden. Constipation is surprising prevalent

Constipation or normal bowel habits: how do you tell? Constipation is fewer than three bowel motions per week, hard, dry,

or lumpy stools, or straining to pass them.1 Inadequate fiber intake is a leading cause of constipation.

Fewer than 7% of U.S. individuals consume adequate fiber, despite its health benefits.2 Thus, if you're behind, calculate your daily fiber consumption

Fiber is adequate if you ingest 28–34 grams per day.

Your diet lacking in fiber? Consume more fiber-rich whole grains. High-fiber breakfasts provide a few grams of fiber in the morning.

 Our favorite whole grain for constipation? Oatmeal is a breakfast staple. Read on to discover why oats are our best poop aid.

Fiber is healthy and relieves constipation, but did you know there are two types? The body uses soluble and insoluble fiber differently.

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