The best plays from NBA Week 20 are topped by the Trayce Jackson-Davis poster. 

As the NBA season draws to a conclusion and the postseason approaches, here are some highlights from the final week.    

You arrive, I instruct After the Golden State Warriors defeated the San Antonio Spurs 112-102   

Trayce Jackson-Davis, a rookie, decided to have an impact on the game.    

Victor Wembanyama, a 7-foot-4 rookie sensation, extended his arm for a steal, but Jackson-Davis swung the other way and soared for a one-handed "Statue of Liberty"-style slam over the man.  

Wembanyama recognized the dunk following the game.  

In French, he said to the media, "It's part of the game." "Many people dunk on me, and I get many dunks in return.  

However, I believe that I block more frequently than I am dunked on, so that is a plus."  

Durant tumbled after closing out on Vasilije Micic of the Charlotte Hornets,  

completed with a behind-the-back move that abruptly stopped over Bradley Beal.    

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