The Calm-Yet-Opulent Manicure to Try This Spring Is 'Stone Nails'

most recent nail styles, such as fur, mirror, quilted, or pom-pom nails, then go on to the next one.  

Gray may also be happy, particularly when it's a blue-gray color that reminds you of polished stone.   

Which manicure this season is Alix Earle's favorite? Stone-cold nails!   

Join Earle on TikTok as he looks for the ideal gray-blue polish.   

with the perfect stone-like shade, go with OPI Suzi Talks With Her Hands.   

The Most Recent Nail Trend That Will Astound You Is Stone Nails  

Bid farewell to drab gray nails and hello to stylish stone ones.   

Long almond-shaped tips can help you up your nail game for springtime.   

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