The 'Chaos' That Inspired 'Radical Optimism' and Dua Lipa's Favorite Spice Girl: The Untold Story

Billboard's Tetris Kelly interviewed Dua Lipa about her next album, Radical Optimism, and its inspiration.

It is a pleasant experience to release the record.

 She said the album cover, which depicts the singer floating in a wide open ocean facing a shark fin, was inspired by her optimism. 

"Throughout the record, there's this idea of chaos and me trying to push through it in a way that feels authentic and honest to me."

Her new album includes “Houdini” and “Training Season,” which Lipa says began as a studio “joke.”

“I'd been on a couple of dates, like a string of bad dates,” she said.

 “I went into the studio and said, ‘Right, I’m done.

As a British kid, Lipa loves the Spice Girls and never got to play her favorite on the playground in primary school.

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