The first horned ‘devil comet’ in 71 years will be observed during April eclipse.

A comet not seen in decades will appear in April.


Comets are frozen dust and rock remnants from the solar system's creation, according to NASA.


Comet widths range from a few miles to tens of miles.


Comets heat up and release gasses and dust into a head that becomes a trail as they approach the sun.


NPR says comet 12P/Pons-Brooks orbits the sun every 71 years. April 21 is the comet's closest approach to the sun. reports that 12P/Pons-Brooks is notorious for its flare-ups, which occurred on Oct. 5, Nov. 1 and 14, Dec. 14 last year, and Jan. 18 this year.


Due to its horseshoe shape and horn-like outbursts, the comet is called the “devil comet.”


The latest “devil comet” will appear during the total solar eclipse on April 8.


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