This usually means that you may "cut to the chase and avoid wasting your time .

You are the sign that is most anchored in all five senses, fully sensitive to both mental and physical pleasure.  

Gemini, you live for a nice heart-to-heart. You are the type of person who will "enjoy the getting-to-know-you stage of any relationship by staying up all night chatting with a partner about anything and everything."   

Being the emotional sign of the zodiac that you are, you are skilled at making your partner feel comfortable no matter where they are.A partner who connects with you often feels like they're wrapped in a cozy blanket of affection and concern.  


Like the lion that represents your sign, Leo, you will do whatever it takes to keep the people you love safe. Furthermore, it may be simple for your partners to put their faith in you because of your strong sense of loyalty.   


You have a propensity to notice everything, no matter how tiny. Because of this, you're an expert at figuring out whether a spouse feels uncomfortable in any way or what the underlying cause of a relationship problem is.  

You're able to calmly, and often quietly, assess imbalances in an early dating scenario or an established long-term relationship without getting into a screaming fight about it,"  

In a relationship with you, "an ocean of desire and a nearly unfathomable depth of passion" frequently arises.  


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