The Name "Beyincé" Is Used on the Limited Edition Cover of "Cowboy Carter" by Beyoncé—Here's Why  

Be patient! Beyoncé presented a limited edition album cover for her upcoming Cowboy Carter LP one day after revealing the album's stunning regular artwork.

On Wednesday, the 32-time Grammy winner posted the alternate Cowboy Carter artwork on Instagram, which is only accessible through her website.

Beyoncé stands statuesque on a little gray platform, nude and wearing only a pageant sash, for the new cover.

Her hair is braided with red, white, and beige beads, and the black background matches the rodeo queen-nodding standard cover and 2022's Renaissance CD.

Queen Bey revealed Cowboy Carter's standard cover yesterday (March 19), showing her backwards on a white horse mid-gallop, 

 raising a cropped American flag and wearing red, white, and blue chaps and a pageant sash with the album's title.

Fans noticed that the pageant sash appears on both Cowboy Carter album covers, notably the limited edition cover with the name printed on it.

In place of “Cowboy Carter,” that sash says “Beyincé,” Tina Knowles' maiden name. 

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