The new Ghostbusters film has the franchise's lowest Rotten Tomatoes score, but fans are optimistic.  

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire opened with the franchise's lowest Rotten Tomatoes score, but fans like me are still optimistic.  

Gil Kenan's fifth Ghostbusters film has a 47% Rotten Tomatoes review score.   

The Spengler family leaves Summerville, Oklahoma and moves to New York City's renowned firehouse to help the original Ghostbusters, who've created a top-secret research facility to blast ghosts.  

The world is well until an old artifact unleashes an evil power that threatens a second Ice Age."No one cares about critics' scores.  

Another enthusiast noted that the critic score is close to Ghostbusters 2, which scored 55%.   

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire opens March 22. See our 2024 and beyond list of the most anticipated forthcoming movies.  

Some RT reviewers call the sequel "cluttered" and "confused by its own lore," while others label the villain "underwhelming."  

Despite the dismal critic score, franchise devotees persist."I will watch it regardless of critics," wrote another.  

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