Easter Sunday is quickly approaching, and in Week 20, NBA players showcased their bunny hops for posters.  

Here are some highlights from the last week of the NBA season as it gets closer to the postseason.  

You arrive, I instruct After the Golden State Warriors defeated the San Antonio Spurs 112-102   

rookie Trayce Jackson-Davis made the decision to make a lasting impression on the game.  

Victor Wembanyama, a 7-foot-4 rookie sensation, extended his arm for a steal, but Jackson-Davis swung the other way and soared for a one-handed "Statue of Liberty"-style slam over the man.  

Wembanyama recognized the dunk following the game.  

In French, he said to the media, "It's part of the game." "Many people dunk on me, and I get many dunks in return.  

However, I believe that I block more frequently than I am dunked on, so that is a plus."  

Durant tumbled after closing out on Vasilije Micic of the Charlotte Hornets,  

finished over Bradley Beal with a behind-the-back move that stopped on a dime.  

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