The Princess of Wales controversy has only become worse.  

Catherine, Princess of Wales's (opens in a new tab) public absence has quickly escalated from a minor royal watcher  

While Kensington Palace confirmed that her January abdominal surgery was scheduled and that she would be out of the public eye  

March, several unusual details — grainy photos (opens in a new tab), an altered image, ambiguous medical information (opens in a new tab), and irregular updates from the Royal Family — have kept the public guessing.  

Catherine's alleged abduction has prompted TikTok and X users to delve into weird conspiracy theories and intertextual humour  

Over the previous three months, a slew of amateur detectives have created timelines and thorough dives into the princess  

Regular folks moonlighting as picture forensics professionals have stated that recent images   

Kate are manufactured, creating speculations about where she is and who they believe is attempting to conceal the "truth."  

And, yeah, there are plenty of jokes. At first, it was just the usual guffaws that occur when something socially significant is circulated around the web humour circuit  

Perhaps Kate received a Brazilian butt lift! Maybe she has awful fringe and is hiding until they grow out  

Perhaps she is getting in shape (opens in a new tab) after a lengthy MLB offseason!  

Then, after a Mother's Day photo of the princess and her three children was suspected to have been altered and later removed by news agencies  

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