The success of the franchise may be jeopardized by the prolonged wait for The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2.  

The voice cast, which offers consistency and success potential, is expected to return for the follow-up.  

Illumination must expedite their production in order to leverage the excitement and curiosity generated by the first movie.  

While the previous film's success cannot be disputed, The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2's anticipated release date may have a significant impact.   

The first movie was obviously an attempt to start a franchise, and its box office success virtually ensured that a sequel would be announced soon.   

But not only did it take far longer than anticipated for a second film to be approved, the series might also suffer.  

The release date for Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 has been announced. While this will no doubt thrill many, it may also raise some questions.   

The Super Mario Bros. Movie voice cast is thankfully slated to reunite for the next installment, which will provide some continuity to the franchise  

Chris Pratt and company's comeback makes it likely to do so.  

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