The Return of Jim Parsons as Young Sheldon in the Series Finale of "Young Sheldon": "It Was Beautiful"

Jim Parsons talks candidly about his experience playing Young Sheldon in the Young Sheldon series finale, which was a return to his Big Bang Theory character.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight recently, the actor, who had already filmed his sequences

 remarked that returning to his favorite role—Sheldon Cooper—on the popular sitcom, which he played for 12 seasons, "was beautiful".

Parsons remarked, "It was even more beautiful than I had anticipated."

The fact that they wrote something so lovely and, in my opinion, expertly incorporated Mayim [Bialik] and Me into that program is one of the reasons I was thrilled to work on it.

He went on, "But for us, too, the way they recorded was a truly unique experience because we're a multi-camera program and they're a single-camera show. 

Going with Mayim to a world where we're essentially visitors and getting to see these people when they're a bit older is just a whole different situation."

In addition, Bialik will play Amy Farrah Fowler again in the Young Sheldon series finale, which CBS will broadcast on May 16.

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