Though they only make up 2% of the global population, redheads have given rise to an enormous corpus of folklore,  

including the ideas that they are witches, temperamental, connected to the devil, and that, when they die, they transform into vampires.   

Though, to the best of our knowledge, none of these legends regarding the world's rarest hair color are real, redheads undoubtedly hold a special place in human history.  

A recessive trait that is inherited is red hair. This implies that for a parent to pass on a gene variant to their child, both parents must do so.  

The crucial point is that those parents don't have to be redheads in order to have ginger children.  

Recessive genes can be carried by parents, meaning that their DNA contains instructions for producing red hair  

Consequently, families that haven't had a redhead for decades might produce a carrot-top baby all of a sudden.  

Women with red hair have been shown to have a higher pain threshold in numerous studies. "The pain threshold is the boundary between not feeling anything and suddenly becoming aware of pain,"  

There are several possible explanations for this, none of which is definitive: Redheads appear to have children at a younger age.  

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