The Scurry: Olivia Cooke, Rhys Ifans to star in deranged squirrels horror comedy

The Scurry follows two pest controllers who are dispatched to an eco-café in a country park to investigate what appears to be a regular vermin problem,

but as nightfall approaches, an avalanche of mad squirrels descend, wreaking havoc on the park's personnel and visitors. 

With many casualties, the survivors seek refuge in the café while a sudden storm knocks out electricity and communications, leaving them isolated and vulnerable to attack. 

Pest controllers, a sulky teenager, hypocritical vegetarians, and a drug dealer are among the survivors, giving them only a slim chance of survival.

The project's budget is little under $13 million, and filming will begin on April 2nd at Dragon Studios in South Wales.

 It will be released by Water & Power Productions, Cliff Edge Pictures, and Circus Studios, with True Brit Entertainment serving as co-producer and UK distributor.

James Swarbrick produces Water & Power, and Adrian Bate does the same for Cliff Edge. Water & Power's Tom Miller and Sam Myer, Cliff Edge's Craig Roberts, 

True Brit's Zygi Kamasa, and Circus Studios' James Spring and James Scott serve as executive producers.

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