The Worst and Best of Religions, Says Scott Stapp

The much criticized, platinum-selling early-2000s rock band Creed is experiencing an unexpected revival.

 In an interview, SZA praised the Texas Rangers' 2023 World Series win, saying, "That shit is bomb!" Why do you all dislike it?”); and they appeared in a 2024 Super Bowl commercial.

Once the butt of butt-rock jokes, the band appears to have shed its earnest, quasi-preachy riff monster image.

 “All these viral moments started happening, and we suddenly saw a swell of new love from our core fan base all the way to a generation that wasn’t even born,” vocalist Scott Stapp marvels during our commercial peak.

First, Stapp admits Creed's climb was extraordinarily swift. After its independently released 1997 debut, My Own Prison, the Florida band packed out amphitheaters nationwide.

Human Clay, its follow-up, topped the charts and sold over 20 million copies worldwide.

Outsized album sales did not appease detractors, and celebrity quickly took its toll on Stapp, who struggled with drug addiction, assault charges, and homelessness.

 After the band broke up in 2012, he kept a low profile until 2014, when he got sober and released two solo albums.

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